Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a Day!

Melissa -  This is a true story.  The events and information are true but names have been changed to protect the innocent.  I thought I was being attacked by a monster but it was really a piglet.
Nellie – Today was a cliff hanger!
Jackie – We started out at a Haitian beach, and ended up at a Haitian Police Station…
Kathy – Can you say “we need a third bus”?
Tracy – What do you do when a bus full of 60 women can’t get up a mountain?  You  make the pregnant lady get out…or you make two men push it…or you sing ay ay ay  ay, ah  ah ah ah ah
Lorna – God is good, Haitian drivers are crazy, scaffolding in Haiti doesn’t stand up to a bus
Terri – Our God is a God of surprises.  My right glute cheek is numb
Amanda W. – A crazy bus ride + 167 Haitian women + beach + God = An unforgettable day with a life long impact
Kim N. – What a beautiful ocean, why not back the bus into it? By the blood of Jesus, BAM!
Madeline – Today was full of adventure, fun, and EMOTION.  My kind of day!
Loree –  We are bringing Haitian style evangelism to LCC…4am wake-up, arrive at the church by 4:30 for prayer and singing, 5am marching and praising and dancing door to door evangelism, loudly sharing the Gospel to passers-by.
Bryanna – “I am  so glad we got this bus driver…whoops, maybe we spoke to soon.”  Lorna, “Wait, where did the bus driver go?”  Kim, “To the police station!” 
Tina – Go, go, go!  We have white women in the bus!
Kim E. -  I really do need a Kleenex, oh, never mind I have Jackie.
Amanda A. – Who invited Bo Derek on the trip?
Mary – It takes sand to be short.
Deb – Who needs LA Fitness when you have Haitian worship!
Kristin – L… O… R… N… A, L …O… R… N …A
Lynn – Happy to be alive!
Amy – AM – 1 pregnant lady, 2 Haitian ladies, 1 yellow school bus seat
            PM – 1 priceless good-bye, 2 kisses from each new friend…A multitude of blessings for our King

Today was by far, the most eventful day here at Open Door.  We began our day with an early morning at 4:15am for prayer, singing and then witnessing on the streets of Bois De Lance.  Picture 187 women quite literally marching the streets singing and telling people about Christ.  Haitian women and American women literally arm in arm untied in our Lord.  It is an experience none of us will soon forget.
What we didn’t know at 4am is that the entire day would be an experience we would not soon forget.  By 9am all 187 of us were packing onto buses and heading on an adventurous ride through the busy city of Cap Haitian and up a mountain to a beautiful beach on the other side of the mountain.  There was a great deal of singing by the Haitian women on the buses and a GREAT deal laughter by the American women as we all had to adjust to driving that was a little different than we are used to and roads that were less than perfect.
We had the amazing experience of playing with our Haitian sisters in the water and on the beach (a rarity for them).  It was such a treat to see their joy and fun.  Playing at the beach was a fantastic way to bond with these sisters in Christ one more time before we part company.
By early afternoon we were packing back onto buses and preparing for another adventurous journey over the mountain and through the city.  Once again, between the roads and the driving, laughter was a constant.   The trip home was a little more adventurous….but eventually we all arrived back at Open Door.
Once back, we quickly jumped into wrapping up the conference with some worship and the Word powerfully brought by Loree.  This closing time of the conference was a beautiful and sweet time of tears and sharing.  Many of the Haitian women shared about how grateful they were for missionaries coming and loving them and teaching them.  This conference was an experience they will never forget and it encouraged them greatly.  They told us they feel they can never repay us for all we have done.  The reality is though, we have learned and gained so much more from them.  They have taught us about true worship, that joy is not dependent on things, and about unapologetic faith. 
Our team was greatly moved at the very end of the conference as the church leadership surprised each one of us with beautiful gifts.  But the greatest gift they gave us, can’t travel home with us in our suitcases but in our hearts.
The very final act of the conference was to give each lady as she left the church, a bag with gifts in it for her.  They left hugging, kissing and thanking us.  And we left with tears and sweet memories that we will always carry with us.

Thank you for all your prayers!  We appreciate you all!

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