Sunday, March 13, 2011

God and His Plans

God in His sovereignty had better plans.  Have you ever had a day where everything went completely wrong and not the way you had planned?  That kind of day is exactly what our team experienced today.  If something could have gone wrong, it did.  Among other things that happened, our entire schedule for the conference had to be completely redone and the original schedule represented weeks of planning.  However, we have taken a look at all that went “wrong” in our minds and adopted the theme – God in His Sovereignty had Better Plans.  Please pray for our team as extreme flexibility has been required here and much more will be needed to get this conference off the ground tomorrow and carry it to completion on Wednesday night.  Please pray as well that God will be glorified here and that He will do amazing things in the hearts of these Haitian women and in our hearts as well!
Despite all the craziness there have been some amazing and fun times here as well.  We had the joy of experiencing a Haitian worship service this morning which is a little different than most of our church services back home.  Their services are loud, active and long! It was a blast to listen to how they worship and to see their passion.  Oh, and don’t worry, if the volume isn’t enough to keep you awake on a tired day, there is a man who goes around poking those who fall asleep!  During the service we had the neat opportunity to go forward and pray with many Haitian believers, all of us committing ourselves to loving others by serving them.
 Our afternoon and evening were spent registering well over 100 beautiful Haitian women for the conference and practicing the little bit of Creole we have learned. J  It was so sweet to see their joy over our speaking their language…that is when we didn’t completely butcher it!  Throughout the afternoon there were also many children running around for us to talk to and play with.  We quickly learned that the children love cameras and any photos that we have with us!  Another favorite of theirs is to giggle at those of us new to Haiti as we try to speak to them in their language. 
So, two days are done here and tomorrow we begin what we came here to do, the conference.  It doesn’t look like we planned, we still don’t have our cargo, and everyone is a little tired but we know God has called us here for a reason and we are going to continue to be faithful.  May God be glorified tomorrow as these Haitian women get to experience a conference that is all for them for the very first time in their lives!  He is good and so are plans.
Thank you for praying, we appreciate everyone of you!

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